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Diary of a Machine Fiend

Skuld's Journal

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Skuld is one of the Goddesses from the anime series 'Aa! Megami-sama! (Ah/Oh My Goddess). She is one of the system debuggers of the universe computer Yggdrasil, Goddess Second Class, First Category (limited license).

Slightly insecure about her relationship with her sister, Belldandy, due to the other Goddesses involvement with a human, Skuld came to Earth in an attempt to bring her sister back by any means neccessary.

Unable, however, to break the pair up, she is coming to accept that it makes her sister happy. Morisato Keiichi, the boy involved, seems to want what's best for Belldandy, so Skuld makes do. But she still acts a bit childish about it!

((RP Journal. I am not really a goddess!))